A High Academic Standard

Maaqtusiis Elementary is a school of about 135 students from K-7 serving the population of Ahousaht, a rural village  on Flores island.  It is a BC Independent school following BC prescribed curriculum with a focus on First Nations and in particular, Nuchahnuulth culture as it relates to the Ahousaht people.  Students have weekly culture classes but also have culture and language embedded in their daily routine such as saying morning and lunch prayers in their native language.  Word of the week is shared within the school and used daily by everyone.  Science and social studies incorporate seasonal and cultural activities such as cranberry picking and processing, salmon fishing and other food or medicine gathering.  Class sizes are small and are generally single grade.  Reading is a big goal of the school with dedicated times where students have small groups so that they can work at their own level.  In the past few years, the staff and students have worked hard at this goal dramatically increasing student ability.


The school is well staffed with 8 classroom teachers, a culture teacher, a PE teacher, a special ed resource teacher, a counsellor,10 education assistants, a principal, 2 custodians, secretary and maintenance.  It is located in a cluster of education buildings:  preschool, elementary, high school, shared gym and adult education.  All education is overseen by Ahousaht Education Authority.


The school climate is one of high academic expectations within a surrounding of respect and caring for one another. 

  •  Huupiistalh (helping one another) 

  • iisaakstalh (respecting one another) 

  • Yaʔakstalh (caring for one another) and

  • Hahuupstalh (teaching one another) 


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Meet Our Instructors

"The mediocre teacher tells. 
The good teacher explains.
The remarkable teacher demonstrates.
The great teacher inspires"
- William A. Ward


Andrea Frank 

Vice -Principal


Dori Keitlah

Grade 1

Grade 2

Gloria Errington

Grade 3

Michelle Lavalle

Grade 4

Andrew Pitoulis

Grade 5

Grade 5/6

Grade 6

Corissa Campbell

Grade 7

The future of the world is in my classroom


Behind every good teacher, is a great teacher assistant!

Jolene Keitlah

Catherine Frank

Maureen Frank

Valerie Jack

Magdalene Lucas

Patricia Mack

Esther Robinson

Donna Thomas

Daisy Sutherland

Alec Ivan Dick

Gabriel Campbell

Shakayla Thomas

Lisa Sabbas


Meet Our Instructors

Here to Guide, Inspire and Support

Darryn Brown

Speech Pathologist

Sherri Little


June Titian


Daniel Soifer

Phys Ed.

John Campbell

Culture & Language Support

Sandra Campbell


Terri Robinson

Cultural Ed

Kori Wechlin

Special Education Coordinator

Margaret Dick

Student Services

Genny John


Johnathan Mark


Ahousaht Education Authority

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Ahousat, BC V0R 1A0, Canada

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