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Applications deadline: July 19th 2024 @ 4PM

NEW Applications available 

About Us

In 2011 the Ahousaht Education Authority (AEA) undertook the management of Ahousaht Post-Secondary (APS) from the Nuu-Chah-Nulth Trible Council (NTC). APS offers two types of funding: Post-Secondary (PSSSP and UCEPP) Funding and Technical Vocation Training (TVT).  APS will make every effort to support our students holistically as they travel through their educational journey.

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Policies & Procedures

APS Policy and Procedures guidelines are being reviewed and amended by the Ahousaht Post-Secondary Committee (APSC) and advisors.


When APS has reviewed and accepted the policies and procedures, a handbook will be presented and made available to APS Students. In the meantime, APS is utilizing the NTC Policy and Procedures handbook.

Post-Secondary Funding Information

  • Must be registered Ahousaht Member.

  • Institution and Program must be eligible and recognized by the GoC-ISC National Guidelines.

  • Must submit all the required documents (see checklist) with the application.

  • Enrolled full-time or part-time at eligible institution.

  • Program must be at least one academic year in length.

  • Abid by funding agreement, as well policy and procedure.

  • Applications are only valid for 1 year; Must be renewed annually.

  • Awarded certificate, diploma, degree upon completion.

PS Funding includes but are not limited to:

  • Tuition and Mandatory Fees

  • Required Textbooks and Supplies

  • Monthly Living Allowance (FT students only)

  • Daily travel (FT students only, and if applicable)

  • Season Travel (if applicable)

  • Tutor Support

It is important to note that the APS funding program is on a fixed annual budget. It is difficult to estimate on an annual basis the number of applications we will receive. There may be years when APS must prioritize student applications based on criteria. Please be sure to submit applications and all required documentation on time.

Technical Vocational Training (TVT) Funding

  • Registered Ahousaht member

  • Short term programs that do not qualify under PS funding.

  • Awarded certificate or credentials upon completion.

  • Accessible once per fiscal year.

  • Budget limitations of $1500.00 per fiscal year.

TVT Funding can be used towards:

  • Tuition and Fees up to the allocated TVT budget

  • Textbooks

  •  Supplies or Equipment

  • All pending limitations to budget.



Rebecca Atleo

Ivey Campbell

Ketchkie Frank

Marian Webster



Amy Jack

APS Manager

Cassandra Thomas

APS Assistant (PT)


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Contact Us

If there’s anything you’d like to know about our Post Secondary funding and applications, please get in touch with:

Amy Jack: 



Ahousaht Post-Secondary,

Ahousat, BC V0R 1A0, Canada

250-670-9660 (fax)

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