About Us

The Post Secondary department provides support for qualified Ahousaht First Nation students who are working towards a certificate, diploma, BC, MA, or PhD at a public institution. 

Programs must meet the following criteria: 

  • Have secondary school completion or equivalent as a requisite for entry. 

  • Be a minimum of one academic year in length

  • Be an accredited program offered at a public institution

  • Have a certificate, diploma, or degree awarded upon successful completion.



Policies & Procedures

AEA Post Secondary Policies and Procedures guidlines are sitting with the AEA lawyer for review. 

When AEA reviews and accepts the Policies and Procedures, it will be given to P/S students. Until this happens AEA is utilizing NTC Post Secondary Policies and Procedures Handbook. 

Full time P/S funding covers:

  • Tuition

  • Textbooks

  • Supplies

  • Living Allowance

  • Daily Travel (if applicable)

  • Seasonal Travel (if applicable)

You can apply for funds to cover the cost of:

  • Tutoring

  • Special clothing and equipment

  • One-time only security deposit

  • One-time only licensing exam fees

Student Responsibility

Available Funding Months

  • All students MUST write an English Assessment 

  • If a student's program requires Math for enrolments, a Math Assessment will be required. 

  • Students must enroll in courses that correspond with their assessment results

  • A study skills/communications course is a requirement for college prep funding

  • Students must maintain a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.0 per semester

The amount of available funding months breaks down as follows:

  • College Prep: 8 months for general studies. 16 months for Forestry, Science, and Nursing

  • Diploma Program: 24 Months

  • Bachelor of Arts or Science: 40 Months

  • Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Science in Nursing: 48 months

  • Post Degree Program: 8 months 

  • Masters Degree: 24 months

  • Law Degree: 32 months

  • PhD Degree: 32 months

Technical Vocational Training (TVT) Funding

Students who want to pursue studies that do not fall under the P/S funding program are encouraged to submit an application for TVT funding. TVT funding will cover tuition, books, and supplies up to and not more than $1,000 per fiscal year. The TVT funding program does not have funds for living allowance


Applications & Forms

Application deadlines:

March 1st Annually for September - August funding term

August 1st Annually for January - August funding term

No later than NOON 

Post Secondary Funding Application

TVT Application

To receive an application you may: 

Progress Report Form

Text Book Form

You can also find us on facebook!

Tutor Form


Contact Us

If there’s anything you’d like to know about our Post Secondary funding and applications, please get in touch with Vivien (vivien.louie@ahousahted.ca) or Amy Jack (amy.jack@ahousahted.ca). Or any other education questions.

Ahousat, BC V0R 1A0, Canada

250-670-9660 (fax)

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