Meet Our Instructors

To work with families and community to ensure a high level of learning for all students in an engaging and culturally connected environment that fosters teachings, self-efficacy, resiliency, social awareness, critical/creative thinking, communication, and collaboration.

Corissa Campbell

Spec Ed.


Michelle Lavallee

Mike Harris

Grade 2

Gloria Errington

Grade 3

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Andrew Pitoulis

Grade 4

Mary Graham

Grade 5

Grade 6/7 English

Taylor Bacala

Grade 6/7 

Socials, Science & Math

Brad Fraser

Trina Matteson


Connie Premont

Art & Careers

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Get in Touch

Terri Robinson


Maya Kaloucokovale

Physical Health & Education

Sydney Schacher

Grade 1

Shayleann Little

Speech Language Assistant

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Catherine Frank

Hannah Manson

Brandon Dick

Alec Ivan Dick

Magdalene Lucas

Valerie Jack

Esther Robinson

Patricia Mack

Donna Thomas

West Frank

Stanley Sam Jr

Shakayla Thomas

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Lisa Sabbas

Stacey Titian

Kevin Johnston

John Campbell

Culture & Language Support

Amy Jack

Darryn Brown

Special Education Assistant &

Online Learning Coordinator

Speech Pathologist